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Alaska Commercial Contractors, Inc.

"Meeting all of your Commercial Construction needs throughout Southeast Alaska."

Since 2007, Alaska Commercial Contractors, Inc. (ACC) has been a general contractor offering a complete range of construction services for customers throughout Southeast Alaska.  We offer the highest level of craftsmanship, dedicated personal, an outstanding safety records and we believe we're the region's leader in providing high-quality construction services on time and within budget from the napkin sketch to the final completion.  No matter the scale or project delivery method, ACC is committed to see that your needs and satisfaction are met throughout the process.

Preconstruction Services

Many people forget that it all starts with an idea, a sketch on the napkin so-to-speak.  ACC’s job is to help you take that idea or sketch and bring it to life.   We offer an experienced team of project managers that are well versed in the following pre-construction services:

  • Meeting with the owners, architects, engineers and others with vested interests in your project to better understand the concept and to establish some design criteria with goals and targets that the team can use as a guideline for your project
  • Take the lead to develop a timeline for the architects & engineers to bring the concept or napkin sketch to a permit-ready set of drawings for local submittal, review and approval
  • Provide value added engineering and constructability review during design development in order to maintain the desired look & feel of the project and still stay within the project budget
  • Establish an overall project schedule that’s realistic for all parties, but most importantly, the owner.

Construction Services

Our job here at ACC is to make sure construction progresses on time, within budget and most importantly to the customer’s satisfaction and expectation.  To ensure this process, we first confirm that we’re all on the same page as far as scope, budget & schedule, then we assign our project manager that best fits the project followed by the assigning of quality crew to the project.  We then work closely with the design team and the client to make sure work progresses as it should.  Typical services provided for this phase of construction include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Project budgeting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Submittals
  • Procurement & Delivery
  • Equipment Coordination
  • Subcontractor Coordination
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Safety Management
  • Cost Management
  • Project Closeout & Final Acceptance 

Tenant Improvements

ACC offers tenant improvements to all kinds of businesses, industries, and institutions; including banks, retail spaces & stores, offices, hotels, health care facilities, restaurants, warehouses, schools, you name it and we’ll take a look.  We’re quite experienced in working within occupied spaces with minimal disruptions to occupants during construction.  Our project managers are great planners and they strive to be as quick & efficient as possible to limit the distraction that construction can have on a business in operation.

Subcontracting Services

Even though ACC is a commercial general contractor; there are those times when we offer our services to other generals in a subcontractor capacity.  We have the project managers and crew experience to provide subcontracting services for concrete, carpentry and roofing work.  When you hire ACC, rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the experienced crew that you need, with the reputation that we’ve established for ourselves since we got started.

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