Carson Dorn has been involved managing sensitive response actions in Juneau office buildings that have suffered oil spills from roof top mechanical rooms.  When we need a dependable "whatever-it-takes" contractor to respond immediately with no prior notice and work around the clock, sometimes for weeks on end, we call Alaska Commercial Contractors.  They are the best.

Tom Carson

"Structuretone Global Services, as agent for Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Corporation, was privileged to work with Alaska Commercial Contractors, Inc on an interior renovation of space for our relocation project in the summer and fall of 2009. Doug Courtney has great appreciation for customer satisfaction. The management of schedule, subcontractors, and permit process made the project move very smoothly. Alaska Commercial has a great attention to detail, and because of this, our project moved in on time, and under budget. It was a sincere pleasure to work with Doug and ACC, and we look forward to our next opportunity with them".

Dave Ransome, A.E.; Construction Manager



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